Gerald is an innocent prisoner on Texas death Row and he needs financial support to buy stamps and hygiene as well as support for proving his innocence. 

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In order to understand the injustices that Gerald faces and how we can help him you will have to get a general understanding of the people involved. Here is a list of the people involved:

Gregory Love – Love is the manager who set up the inside robbery.

Kenny Calliham – Kenny is a co-defendant, and testified against Gerald at his trial. He is also friends with the shooter, Ronald Worthy.

Ronald Worthy – Worthy is the person who shot Christopher Dean and Calliham’s close friend.


In the early morning hours of May 11, 2003 a robbery occurred at a Whataburger on the north side of Houston Texas. During that robbery Christopher Dean was killed.

Police found no hard evidence at the crime scene to point them in the direction of the killer. There were two witnesses there at the scene, Tony Ketchum and Wilbert Marsh. Both gave statements to the police on the date of the incident, and Mr. Marsh gave another statement on May 27th, 2003.

In all three statements the robber who came in the restaurant was described as a dark-skinned male, in his 20’s with a slim build, holding a shiny gun in his left hand.

Houston Police Department’s first break in the investigation of the crime was an anonymous call to Crime Stoppers on May 12, 2003. The caller said that the police should focus their investigation on the Greenspoint area of Houston and look for “Bo” and “Tank”. The Crime Stoppers caller identified “Bo” as the killer, and when pressed for “Bo’s” address gave “Bo’s” address. The caller admitted that Bo admitted to the caller that he had murdered the deceased.

In the following days Gerald “Tank” Marshall, Ronald “Bo” Worthy, Kenny Calliham and Greg Love were arrested. Police research learned that the robbery was in fact and inside job where Love would give the money over willingly and no one would get hurt. The question then became who killed Christopher Dean. Gerald Marshall or Ronald Worthy.