Gerald’s Appeal for Help

Gerald Marshall’s Appeal for Help
From Deathrow in Texas

Since I was arrested I have not been able to obtain the proper representation to prove my role in the crime and that I am innocent of shooting Christopher Dean.

Mostly my attorneys didn’t investigate my innocence. So, for instance, my trial attorneys never interviewed an important witness who can help prove I was not in the Whataburger Restaurant when Christopher Dean was killed and thus provide evidence that I am innocent of murder.

But there is other evidence that can be put forth that would help establish my innocence.

Evidence that has never been looked into or listened to includes the tape recording of a prisoner named Dennis Meyer who was in the jail cell with my co-defendants, Ronald Worthy and Kenny Calliham when they were all in jail together. That person, Dennis Meyer, helped Worthy and Calliham write affidavits against me that said that I killed Christopher Dean, when it was not me who committed the murder, but either Worthy and Calliham.

Dennis Meyer led the prosecutors in my case to believe that he was helping them.  This led the prosecution to give Dennis a reduced sentence in his case.  So, for the lies that Meyer made up about me — while in jail with Worthy and Calliham, Meyer gets a reduced sentence, the real murderers [Worthy and Calliham] do not get charged with murder and I am left facing the death penalty — when I was not even inside the Whataburger Restaurant when Christopher Dean was killed.


Yet, even though Dennis Meyer played a key role in producing false evidence against me, the tape recording he made for the prosecution was never listened to by my attorney.  Nor did my attorney interview Dennis Meyer.  And I cannot listen to the tape recording as I am locked away on Death Row.

And please don’t forget: We are talking about the fact that Dennis Meyer and my two co-defendants conspired together in jail to cook up a key piece of the prosecution’s evidence.  What kind of justice is that?  Since when are inmates in jail allowed to cook up key evidence?


I believe if my trial attorney would have done the basic of investigating my case, he would have listened to the tape Meyer made and would have also been able to discover that Ronald Worthy admitted to being in the Whataburger Restaurant the morning of the murder. That would make Worthy the likely killer, not me.

To date this was never properly presented to a jury or any judge.  And I am alone, locked up and unable to have access to the records, except when my friends send them to me.


There is other evidence that can be found to help prove that I did not kill Christopher Dean. In the future, I hope to be able to present that evidence.


You can help me by making a donation into my defense fund. This fund will go towards hiring qualified investigators, attorneys and expert witnesses that will help me get off death row.

Please, make a contribution to Gerald by clicking here.

Other Ways You Can Help
Please Consider Buying a Copy of my Books

European Association for Human Rights arranged to have my books published. Books are being sold to go towards the fight for my life. You can help by purchasing a copy of books and asking your friends to purchase a copy of books on Amazon


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I also understand that I may not be able to raise the money to hire qualified attorneys and investigators, so I am preparing to represent myself in further appeals. If you have the time to type things or to do research on the Internet, it would be of great help.

If you would like to help me, please don’t hesitate to write to today.  My mailing address is:

Gerald Marshall #999489
Polunsky Unit Death row
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston, TX 77351

Thanks for your time.

Gerald Marshall