Gerald’s Injustices

Not only is Gerald innocent of killing Christopher Dean but he has faced injustices that have helped him be sent to death row. Here are some of the other problems that Gerald is facing today.

1) Racist district attorney sent Gerald to death row.

Chuck Rosenthal is a racist. He had been learned to be so when several of his e-mails were recovered. Here is one of the photos of a black person in his e-mail.

The district attorney at the time Gerald was sent to death row presided over an office that was sending prisoners to death row based on the race of the prisoner and the race of the victim in the case. Had it not been for the racist district attorney in Gerald’s case, Gerald may have never been charged with a capital murder case.

2) Gerald’s trial attorneys were ineffective and did no investigations into Gerald’s innocence.

In Texas when a person is arrested for a crime and he is poor, he will be given two court appointed attorneys. These attorneys are usually the worst attorneys and they take cases by appointment because they cannot find any paying clients. Gerald was given two court appointed attorneys when he was arrested for that case, at trial, then two for appeal.

Gerald was represented on trial by Sid Crowley and Marshall Mack Arnold. Sid Crowley was being sued by the Texas State Bar. They did no investigations into Marshall’s innocence; they did not look at key evidence such as Gerald’s statement to the police that the state prosecutors tampered with the tape to play it for the jury. They also failed Gerald by not interviewing Dennis Meyer, as well as listen to his taped recorded statement to police. Gerald’s trial attorneys failed to prepare a viable defense to prove that he was not the shooter which resulted in him being convicted and sentenced to death.

3) On appeal Gerald was given more horrible attorneys.

Richard Wheelan and Jerome Godinich. When Gerald received his transcripts he began writing to Mr. Wheelan about problems with his case, the witness misidentification, the jail house snitches, Calliham’s testimony, evidence that had been tampered with among other things. Mr. Wheelan would leave Gerald to believe that he was looking into these issues that Gerald was presenting to him but when he turned in Gerald’s most important appeal he didn’t file anything in the writ.

A couple of years passed with Gerald filing several things to the courts hisself hoping to get this claims in his appeals when Austin American Statesman published a series of articles about five of Texas’ worst state habeas attorneys. Mr. Wheelan was one of them. As well as Sid Crowley. Soon after Mr. Wheelan died and Gerald was appointed Jerome Godinich.

Immediately after the appointment of Godinich it was revealed that Godinich too was one of Texas’ worst attorneys.

To date Gerald has never had his case properly investigated and presented to any court.